Zombie Walk Detroit 2012

World Zombie Day 2012 (Royal Oak) was great again this year. This event is hosted by Zombie Walk Detroit to benefit Gleaners. It was a cold dreary and rainy day in Michigan but that did not stop hundreds of ZOMBIES and spectators from showing up to creep down the busy streets of Royal Oak. Tons of great people and for an even greater cause.

  1. Zgirl says:

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing;-)

  2. ZWD says:

    ZombieSpirituality, thanks for posting pics!

    To clarify- this was actually WORLD ZOMBIE DAY 2012, hosted by Zombie Walk Detroit, to benefit Gleaners. 🙂 Just clarifying- I don’t know how Gleaners would feel having folks think they put on a zombie walk. Hee! 🙂

    Mind if we grab some of the pics for the ZWD web site?

    Nice having you there yesterday!!

    • Zombie Spirituality says:

      Sure thing grab them all, and I will adjust the information in the morning….Thanks for the heads up.

  3. These pictures are great! Wonderful to see everyone getting into the spirit (giggles) for a super awesome cause!

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