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Day 57

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Zombie Days
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imagesCAIB1QEHRecent news suggests that a major manufacturer of GMO seeds have had trouble containing the lab animals used while testing the new strain of waterless melons. The animals have become ravenous and enraged and several employees have been bitten and infected. Internally the company refers to this as the GMZ strain and in a public statement claim it has been contained. As per the employment contract, the infected are now property of the manufacturer and are subject to testing for all future product lines they produce. This action by a major corporation has outraged many Naturalists and they are pushing for a movement to have the ZOMBIE outbreak happen organically and not manufactured in a lab as it will compromise our health. The first round of data shows that GMZ ZOMBIES have a slowed decomposition rate and can sustain movement in almost any weather condition.



Day 28

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Zombie Days
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During and after the apocalypse you will need to blow off steam or probably go crazy, we all have participated in drinking games… some did it in College, or maybe in the Military. I believe drinking games will have a huge role in the sanity and moral of the human race. I always thought the game spoons was fun, you know when you drive down Cass Corridor in Detroit and toss spoons at hookers, if you miss them you need to get out of the car and pick the spoon up. This game will allow you to gauge your friends ability to perform in a high pressure situations….Anyway please remember to have at least half your group sober and standing watch if you are getting twisted drunk, so that they can defend, or react in an appropriate manner if things go south when your halfway through a bottle of Jim Beam. I feel that drinking games firm up relationships and build a level of trust and compassion for one another when it’s time to make ZOMBIES leak.