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Day 53

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Zombie Days
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AlaskaI have a fascination with Alaska and I watch almost every show related to it. I think the everyday culture of up north living will translate well when the apocalypse starts. I have noticed how the rural Alaskan culture survives in a manner that most of us in the lower 48 would have a hard time adjusting to. For instance, if you want electricity you will need one or a combination of the following energy sources: a generator, solar panels, or a wind turbine.  I say good luck with the solar option when you have several feet of snow and you will never have enough fuel to keep the generator going through the winter with the noise probably able to drive a sane man crazy!  A smaller homestead size wind turbine and a huge load of fire wood are your best options. A fresh water source will be key. If you lock these items and location down you can bag some large game in the fall, fish in the summer, chop a little wood and crawl into bed with the wife for the winter and wait for the thaw, and the ZOMBIE mess to blow over.