Day 58

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Zombie Days

imagesCAN8KPBPDrinking Detroit River water, is the key to survival in the future. Prepping your body to have the ability to digest foul, disgusting and rancid things will come in handy when you don’t have the ability to hit the local 7/11 to grab a Red Bull. The Detroit River is a perfect place to start and I am personally drinking as much unfiltered H2O as my gills can handle. The best tasting water in my opinion, seems to be near the Fermi nuclear power plant.  It’s warm and even has a little bite to it. After ingesting several gallons over a period of time, I like to pee in the dark and practice marking perimeters at night as the glow from the urine puddles can be seen from almost ¾ of a mile and I use it for distance spotting when glassing the horizon. Beats the hell out of glow sticks…



  1. W.O.A.Z.E. says:


  2. 3Bishops says:

    Great post — welcome back!

  3. Who knows exposure to such toxins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, radioactive isotopes, unexpected atomic particle compound variations and or mutations building up in your system may be the key to a future immunity to the virus.
    As to the discovery of this unexpected consequence. I assume the half life on yer “Glourine” far exceeds that of glow sticks. With a few thousand mason jars. With more people producing the beautiful “G”, and survivors gathering all the mason jars left hell we could light up areas left bereft of traditional power sources.
    Secondarily on that topic have you done experiments as to flammability?
    Anyway as always cutting edge information for today’s busy survivor.

  4. ZS thanks fer bein such a loyal reader and fan of the ol Dysu. Most of the likes or followers I get are either bogus spam blogs or individuals who obviously hit like without reading the content. I visit their sites and I’m stumped as to what about my words they could possibly have liked??
    Anyway in yer honor I’m workin on a lil blog post entitled Of Zombies, Mutants & the Apocalypse, jes a fun little piece featuring one of my most crazy recent obsessive thoughts on the inner connectivity of man, myth & monster.
    Hopefully it will be up sooner rather than later, am crazy busy with a second book coming out, but I’ll get er up in time fer Halloween..

  5. This stuff is amazing

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