Day 57

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Zombie Days
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imagesCAIB1QEHRecent news suggests that a major manufacturer of GMO seeds have had trouble containing the lab animals used while testing the new strain of waterless melons. The animals have become ravenous and enraged and several employees have been bitten and infected. Internally the company refers to this as the GMZ strain and in a public statement claim it has been contained. As per the employment contract, the infected are now property of the manufacturer and are subject to testing for all future product lines they produce. This action by a major corporation has outraged many Naturalists and they are pushing for a movement to have the ZOMBIE outbreak happen organically and not manufactured in a lab as it will compromise our health. The first round of data shows that GMZ ZOMBIES have a slowed decomposition rate and can sustain movement in almost any weather condition.


  1. the MAN says:

    dang GMO Zombies….gotta stock up on more zombie gear to get ready for the new strain.

  2. W.O.A.Z.E says:

    AWESOME POST! Truth is jest right? Various corporations and strong formal groups have been slowly turning our population into “genetically modified” humans/zombies for years through television ads, chemically modified foods, programs and regulations in the name of ‘reform’ … etc. Ignorance can be bliss ….. it can also contribute to the apocalypse

  3. papa says:

    Just another way Zombies are being created. They have been doing it through medication as well. The federal govt will not legalize marijuana because. Everyone knows that those that smoak think way more than those who don’t it simply helps you visualize what is going on around you. It also helps you think outside the box and opens the creative part of the brain. The prescribed medication is shutting down the creative part of the brain.

  4. Uncle Phin says:

    Dude, I love your blog

  5. Hey Zombie Spirituality! I just wanted to thank you for liking! I always enjoy reading the blogs of those who like us and this has proven to be no exception! I hope you won’t be a stranger over at The Disorder, because we always love hearing from people. In fact we have just started Project Z, a new blog category on the site that is dedicated exclusively to zombie posts (I’ve heading the project!) Feel free to stop by anytime and like/comment on content (we could always use it!) 🙂


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