Day 56

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Zombie Days
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ChavezBreaking News: The decision was made by local Venezuelan officials to inject Hugo Chavez with a ZOMBIE virus. Mr. Chavez is now the first leader of a Nation that is an actual ZOMBIE, the decision was difficult but reports suggest the majority of the nation would rather have a flesh eating Chavez in charge protecting Venezuela rather a sane democratically elected official that only skims on average .5% of the gross fuel sales a year to a “retirement fund”.

Hugo Chavez now that he is a ZOMBIE his blood thirsty appetite has him killing and eating only one citizen per day, and sometimes two on the weekend. That’s a Venezuelan savings of almost +3 a day from his average citizen killing from a year ago. This should cause a mini baby boom in Venezuela, and all things seem to be back to normal on the bread lines.


  1. What a boon to life and property, now that they have such efficient leadership. Clearly, having zombie heads of state is the way to go. You may have a problem with term limits, however, as dictators don’t typically step down and zombies don’t die.

  2. With that parrot on his shoulder, he looks more like a ZOMBIE pirate…


  3. Hellllllllllloooooooooooooooo! Zombie Spirituality, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

  4. invisiliz says:

    LOL Oh I am so glad you found my blog so that I was able to find yours!! 🙂 My day just got zombi-rifferic!

  5. CHUM says:

    MLB is exactly it.

  6. zombieaussie says:

    I love to see a positive spin on dictatorship, well done 🙂

  7. papa says:

    Really the Americans need a dictator since to many people can’t think for themselves these days. This country is to much like a bunch of pansies running around saying how everyone gets offended by what others say. Hell they cancel school when the news calls for 2 inches of snow. When I grew up sometimes we had 10 inches and i had to walk to school. We have so many restrictions on everything i can’t believe people before me ever lived to the age of 50. Now we have bloggers that sit around in their underwear at their parents house writing how things are so hard and unjust.

  8. I get what your saying papa, I just spoke of the show SURVIVOR yesterday they had a former Marine on the island this year and people had a hard time with his direct stern conversation. Another guy was crazy and yelled at everybody and they had a special meeting to talk it out and people were crying like a bomb went off…..wussies, go hug a tree I am going to survive.

    • papa says:

      Vets are a different breed. Overcome and adapt. Take only so much shit and then turn the switch to full auto.

  9. chinese importer says:

    I think when the zombies come out there will be a shortage of fiber bars. I always stock up on fiber bars. They will keep your stool tight any make for easy disposal. Humans don’t want to leave tracks. I also suggest a low budget movie called Hunting Humans.

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