Day 55

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Zombie Days
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horse Many food manufactures in the U.K. have now accidently mixed ZOMBIE remains in with the horse meat that they are selling to schools and fast food restaurants. This has inspired a growing concern for the public health of the world, not only is it disgusting to eat horse meat, but now people face turning into ZOMBIES because of that uncontrollable craving of low-grade red meat. The U.K. Health Minister is now issuing a statement that both middle and high class citizens are urged to employ all lower class citizens to taste test food before consumption, this has lowered unemployment in the U.K to an astonishing 0.1%, and has almost eradicated the need for social programs because of the basic requirement of life to collect Welfare.


  1. RubySoHo says:

    My name is Ruby. I am here and I am listening.

  2. Dave Farmer says:

    Hehe, awesome but very silly joke! Love it!

  3. Hey that’s awesome, so instead of everyone complaining to the ministry of agriculture that they are eating low grade horse meat, now everyone will be cheering in the streets for how awesome the government is as they have basically eradicated employment. You gotta love those spin doctors. “Getting every chance we can to win the next election” should be their going motto. You can see some little hamster spinning those cogs in some government back benches head. Hmmmm…I wonder what would happen if….

  4. zombieaussie says:

    very nice 🙂 – like the cynicism level, just about right!

  5. papa says:

    With the government shutdown a lot of people will get to experience all types of meat. i think everyone should be out fishing so they can stock the freezer.

    • papa, I agree but remember anyone can catch a fish some even take it off the hook, but most can’t clean them. I think you should spend some quality time this year refining your fish cleaning skills so you are prepared for the apocalyptic future.

  6. papa says:

    I just started fishing and I suck at it, but like to have people bait my hook.

  7. papa says:

    I know a couple of guys that help me out. They are good friends so I’m lucky. They are in my wolfpack.

  8. JGroeling says:

    Does zombie still count as red meat? Always heard of human flesh as ‘long pork’ .

  9. zombieaussie says:

    Hi Mr JG
    The expression is Long Pig – it is a Pidgin English derivation from the head hunter tribes in places like New Guinea, my birthplace, essentially it means a pig that stands up.
    I emphasise that I have not tried Long Pig but the expression itself implies the taste 😦

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