Day 52

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Zombie Days
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zombieWhere do morals fit in during the apocalypse? First of all if you are trying to stay alive avoiding ZOMBIES, and trying to keep from getting killed by your fellow man along with basic survival how exactly do you balance this? My opinion is trust only the members of your group unless absolutely necessary taking in strays might end up getting you or your whole group killed. I suggest that you do your best to avoid conflict at all costs and don’t attract attention. This means you will need to keep the polished spinner rims off your Hummer, and the radio needs to be at a reasonable level when on a supply run. When resources get lean you might need to adjust your “moral compass” and take things by force when it is needed. The stray person that needs help might stab you in the back for a can of beans and a few common items.


  1. Bill Drinkmore says:

    Great piece of art. Where did you get it?

  2. Dave Farmer says:

    Morals could become more important and crucial to your survival, after all safety in numbers means you’ll need to rely on the person next to you more than ever.

    However, you could toss them all out of the window. Trust could be seen as something of a luxury when faced with zombie hordes and your fellow survivors want the last tin of tuna, and are willing to kill for it.

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  4. steviegill says:

    I guess if people want to join your group they need to prove their usefulness, otherwise it’s just another mouth to feed.

  5. […] fortified house and weapons if I’m not prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Well, Zombie Spirituality provides pointers for some of the ethical decisions one might have to make. “Never feed a […]

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