Day 51

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Zombie Days
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Try to keep track of all major Holidays so you can celebrate and maintain a level of normalcy when the Apocalypse is in full swing. I strongly suggest that you take the time to decorate your shelter for each holiday so that you can get the group together to sing songs or play games. Alcohol needs to be implemented into this scenario so that you can take the edge off your day, after a few double shifts of splitting ZOMBIE heads you will need to sit back and sip on a glass of spirits to take the edge off. I would recommend that you skip my favorite holiday Halloween due to the confusion that might take place with inappropriate costumes, and accidental deaths just like Bill Murray in ZOMBIELAND.


  1. You’ve aptly pointed out what has been missing from even the most prepared folks on Doomsday Preppers – there have been no Rubbermaid bins filled with Easter baskets and/or faux evergreen garland. I think spending the holidays in a shipping container underground would be bleak enough – there will be a need for festive decorations and some freeze dried egg nog.

  2. Freeze dried egg nog….That sounds like you would need to choke it down with a spoon, and really need a buzz. My prepper kit has a few strands of Christmas lights just in case.

  3. Mr. Deadman says:

    Good advice. As someone that frequently films professional zombie hunters, re-creational footage, I can say that zombie hunting can take a toll on humanity if the little things aren’t remembered.

  4. Fear not, an emissary is arriving shortly from the planet Snadragon with a newly developed monoclonal virus that rapidly dissolves zombie flesh but is only slightly hazardous to humans and they are making plans to chemtrail the planet as we speak. I’m thinking of putting eyes on my fingers when I hyperevolve at the Mayan Juncture. I’ll camouflage them so as not to freak out the uninformed, but I don’t know if everybody who knows about the hyperevolution protocol will use the same discretion. Could be interesting…

  5. Surfs up! says:

    Thank you Easter Bunny “BAWK!” “BAWK!”

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