Day 50

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Zombie Days
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Mitt Romney just made a public statement today that he is adamantly against ZOMBIES in America, and as for the opposition I understand that he leaning strongly for the integration of ZOMBIES into the American work force to help limit the expense of costly health care that would be forced on the employer. It has been explained to me that Obama has a long term plan to replace at a minimum 22.4% of the middleclass work force with ZOMBIES if he is re-elected. This in his opinion will actually strengthen large companies such as GM, Chrysler, or Ford and will allow for them to cut costs like payroll. I can only assume that Union rules will not apply to the ZOMBIE workforce, I have recently heard one of the UAW Locals is pushing to start a chapter but all the representatives keep getting bitten while taking  naps and drinking beer on the mandatory 20 minute break every hour, so progress has been slowed on that front.


  1. locked&loaded says:

    Hey, I don’t know where you are coming from. I can’t tell what side your on but I can tell you that the Morman is a bad vote for president. Now I like the idea of multiple wives if you can find such week minded women. I want a house with six bedrooms. One for me, one fore the white wife, one for the black, one for the hispanic, one for the asian, and the other we just call the orgy room. Other than the multiple wives idea. Romney is a tool with the rest of the rich republicans. Vote Obama all the way son.

  2. Pinkman says:

    Badmofo you are a joke

  3. BadJoke says:

    It’s about to happen before this election mark my words…

  4. Alexandra R. says:

    Have you seen the Joss Whedon Romney endorsement? It’s hilariously zombie’fied!

  5. Hey ZS tryin to catch up on the few blogs I actually ever read. Thanks fer bein such a loyal fan of the ol dysu, and yea lol this was a sad post to start with. I was really sure we were gonna win (still can’t believe that we didn’t and…) oh well bla bla bla…oh you did ferget to mention Zombie Voting rights and the expansion of the democratic base 🙂
    Anyway love yer posts here keeping us prepared fer the end o the world and all…God Bless Ya, God Bless America Baby!

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