Day 48

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Zombie Days
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 In the near future when everybody in your crew is apocalyptic fit, you know when they look super lean and mean and they have the experience necessary to back you up and are ready to take on hundreds of ZOMBIES at a moment’ s notice just like hard Marines straight out of boot camp. I expect that sometime during all the fighting and carnage eventually someone’s going to get nicked by a ZOMBIE and potentially put the entire crew at risk if not dispatched accordingly. If it were me that got nicked I will argue the “MAGIC JOHNSON APOCOLYPTIC ANGLE” you can say the M.J.A.A. for short. Remember that Magic had HIV and he beat it down fair and square, it appears he is 100% clear and has a clean bill of health. Try to remember this before you do anything hastily like eliminate a quality member. The team has a couple options to consider, they can let the transition from human to ZOMBIE time frame happen in a controlled environment like being handcuffed to a radiator while they wait and see. You never know if you will have the MAGIC “J” DNA and be the key to the survival of the human race. Or you can just spray his brain matter first hint of being infected.


  1. Dave Farmer says:

    True dat! You never know who might have that virus resistant DNA. Happy and smiling – keep your trigger finger at bay. Lurching and bitey – shoot to kill.

    • Nice to think you would guve your buddy a shot just to “see” I will tell them that so they give me one……But when the chips are on the table hes getting some fresh O2 on the inner part of his brain as a hot round pokes a small hole in the front and blows a soup can size exit wound out the rear. Sorry but im not going to sleep to wake up and find someone from my crew munching on my leg becaue I was feeling warm and fuzzy about our relationship.

  2. larkwri says:

    That’s why I think that it is much safer having zombies as neighbours than humans.

  3. Mr.Smith says:

    Remember I am Legend he was immune.

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