After a few weeks of the ZOMBIE apocalypse I assume things will settle down, all the lazy weak people will be gone or possibly part of the problem. The only survivors will be fit, lean BAD ASSES ready to take on any situation the end of the world can throw at them. I know when things get crazy humor and friendly competition will always bring the moral of your crew up, also this will prove that they can accomplish tasks at a high level of competence and dexterity. When the apocalypse happens I will make it mandatory that every Sunday we all head out and play a little game named “Call Your Shot” This game is easy you just call your kill move, or have one called for you, and execute it on a ZOMBIE with the precision of a sushi chef.  I will give you a couple examples to let you know exactly how this works. I might call out “Ringing the Bells” this will only work with a male Zombie, this is where you have a running start and slide through the legs of the ZOMBIE and throw your elbow into his nuts causing an involuntary wince and knee buckle, after you clear the legs you pull a spin move rising removing the head with one clean sweep of your machete stating that “QuaziModo is a punk”. If that won’t work for you I highly recommend the “Bill Clinton” this only works with female ZOMBIES with large cleavage, this is where you run up to her with a creepy smile, grab both breasts and rotate to the rear end for a quick smack to the rump and finally put here down to rest with whatever method you choose. I think I will expand on this subject more in the coming months, but I feel you get spirit of the game. If you have any suggestions on kill move names please let me know. I believe we will have plenty of time to play in the he near future.


  1. Dave Farmer says:

    I reckon I could get into the spirit of that game! And the possibilities are endless. How about the “Moonwalk” – Get as close to your target zombie by moonwalking up to them, then perform whatever Michael Jackson dance move you like before finishing them off. You could have a whole range of sporting “Call Your Shots” like “The Slam Dunk” – a basketball style game where the combatants weave between the zombie gathering before selecting their target and dropping a bowling ball on their head. Squishy!

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