How will ZOMBIE vision play a role in the effective staking and killing of humans? I think if you were to arm yourself with spray paint or a thick goopy adhesive like Flex Seal (As seen on TV), you can spray ZOMBIES in the eyes to blind them just like Law Enforcement uses Mace, or OC (chemical) spray to control a threat. This will give you the opportunity to safely and quietly deliver your snuff shot to a confused and blind ZOMBIE.  Once you apply the spray you can easily work over a couple threats at a time, this will allow you to avoid attention from the hundreds of flesh eaters lurking around your area. I think my quiet kill weapon will be a nice long handle hatchet with a spike on the non-blade end.  This will allow for a maximum penetration to the skull, with a quick yank I can release the spike from the inner brain and MR. ZOMBIE drops like a bag of dirt.


  1. Zombease says:

    What about the unknown “Z-sense” the ability for undead Zombies to find you even if their eyes, ears, and noses are gone?

    I love the hatches spike weapon idea!

  2. Ensure to get it over their nose too, don’t want them sniffing you out.

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