Day 42

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Zombie Days
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When things get super serious and the apocalyptic circus is in full swing, do you think it is possible that you will make a split second decision and bail out on your group to survive, rather see what is unfolding and run the risk of death or injury by helping your alliance for a horrible mistake they made? I think this will all come down to what type of person you are, and if you have already made the decision that you’re going to die. Seems when soldiers or even stressed citizens accept the fact that they are already dead or going to die they function much better when advancing into hostile environments. I personally want a nothing to lose crazy attitude for the guy that’s covering my ass in the bush. As for me I just might consider sliding out the back door if the apocalyptic poo gets too deep to grab some air, and bug out fast.


  1. thelittlezombiewhocould says:

    A lot of it depends on who the people in your group are too. Are they family, friends, people you don’t even know. I’m a hell of a lot more likely to go all out for my family and close friends than somebody I just got stuck with. But yeah, I want a nothing-to-lose crazy attitude on the guy who’s got my back too 🙂

  2. Jake says:

    Unfortunately I’m one of those guys that stays too long to help others. I’ll be dead within a week of a major Zombie outbreak, but I might help save a couple people on the way. And if I’m lucky the Zombies’ll choke on me.

    • Need to start working on that buddy….Establish a few rules, not like ZOMBIELAND but a few to keep your ass alive long enough make it through the tough times, and then set up shop on your dream property spend the rest of your days with a line in the water catching fish…

      • locked&loaded says:

        I’m a VET and a potential (active shooter) so this is what I have to say, have a strategy that has patience and determination at its core. It ensures that it putWhat I can say is that this strategy has patience and determination at its core. It ensures that it puts our fighting men in spots where they can face, and fight, and kill the enemy, so that we can then go on about rebuilding that country. If it takes years, that’s how long we stay the course, we do whatever it takes.

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