Day 39

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Zombie Days
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I love people watching when at a social event or even the mall. I suspect it will be that same when I am forced to avoid, and fight thousands of ZOMBIES after the apocalypse. I know you will probably be able to tell what social class of human they once were, and possibly sexual orientation based on grooming standards and clothing. Not like any of that will matter because when it’s time to survive, a headshot is a headshot. I personally will associate a celebrity to every ZOMBIE and call them by name, or use a tag line form that specific celebrity every time I open a ZOMBIES head up. This will be my apocalyptic quirk that will probably drive my crew nuts.


  1. BuddyTD says:

    My tag line would be ICE, ICE, BABY

  2. JYDTEXAS says:

    I will say if you bite me “Ill be back”

  3. thelittlezombiewhocould says:

    That’s going to be me too – not the tag lines (though it’s not a half-bad idea at all!) but the people-watching. I want to know who they were before, what they did, all that happy stuff that doesn’t matter anymore 🙂

  4. My tag line would be “I live my life one zombie at a time. Nothing else makes sense.”

  5. Lol great post-unless I am somehow misreading, you will not have one specific tag line, but after “tagging” a particular zombie as say a “Bruce Willis” zombie, then after the head shot you would say “Yippee…” well you get the point…but of course you would not use this line on say a “Nate Berkus” zombie or a “Snookie” zombie…that would be tacky and not show good form…I find this idea would help pass the time and could result in such conversations as
    “I’ve got three ‘Moes’, about fifteen ‘Curlys’, but damn if I’ve ever seen a ‘Larry’…”
    “Yea, well Ted says he knows a guy who claims to have shot all five of the three stooges…”
    “Not a chance, even Shemp?”
    “Says he’s bagged eight ‘Shemps’
    “Eight ‘Shemps’, no way”

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