Day 38

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Zombie Days
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I feel that a series of platforms and tree forts stretched over several miles of thick forest land will be a perfect option to evade and survey the ZOMBIE threat from a safe distance and elevation. The concept will be to string a series of zip-lines to access one platform or house to the next. With your team spaced out over several miles you will have the opportunity to observe and snipe any threats that walk into your area. You can string a few empty soup cans together for communications, or use a flashlight to do MORSE CODE to one another for information. Remember that the best night’s sleep you will get during the apocalypse is 40 feet up in the trees when ZOMBIES are walking on the ground. Not only is this a great idea but how cool will it be to zip-line every day? Start now and build your safe area in 100 acres of hardwoods.


  1. That’s a hell of a lot of cable to haul about.

    Keep in mind the lines will need to be maintained, with grease, ensure fraying doesn’t / isn’t occurring, anchored properly to secure point, (do not.drill into tree, tie around it. Otherwise the area drilled.will dry out and rot and ni longer Ensure.debris is cleared from the line often.

    Ensure harness equipment is maintained and well greased, in areas need be. Ensure a secondary safety loop is attached during travel. Be prepared to traverse the zip line by hand (equipment available for.these times). And do joy sit in a harness.for more than 40 minutes for very good health reasons.

    And remember, power lines are pre built z-day zip.lines….

  2. JYDTEXAS says:

    No heights for me, sorry

  3. are you gonna do the walking dead survival thing offered in san diego at comic con? So they set up Petco park and half the people will be walkers (full make up and gear) and half will be survivors and they have to – well survive. It is not a race and no one is timed but the goal is to get out of there “uninfected” (i.e. not being touched by the walkers). It cost 70 bucks. It sound like fun. I would love ot be both walker and survivor if i went.

  4. Great idea, being up in the trees, zip lines, rope ladders all can be quickly reeled in or cut to prevent access…question do we have any concrete evidence of Zombie’s climbing ability, either pro or con? I know the debate re: slow vs fast Zombie…but lets assume worst case scenario…fast aggressive zombies with predatory intelligence…I am trying to recall what we know about their ability to move through vertical space and am drawing a blank??

  5. Depends on what director is doing the movie, you would be screwed if they were “I am Legend” Zombies, they climb bust through walls and are fast. Now in dawn of the dead 2004 they cant climb, just run fast, but it seems to me if you can get up and run, why not jump or climb? ….Guess we will need to wait and see what “kind” of zombies we need to deal with.

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