Day 35

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Zombie Days
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Will you need to smell like a ‘stinking’ ZOMBIE to make it through the apocalypse? I believe that hygiene will be a major concern for me when everything falls apart. I will set up downwind and smell fresh as a daisy, rather upwind and smell like a skunk’s ass to blend in with ZOMBIES. I know that showers will be a luxury that most survivors will not have the opportunity to enjoy so I recommend that you take time when you can to use the sun to your advantage on a roof, or open area clear of ZOMBIES. If you fill a plastic bag or a bucket with water and let it sit in the sunshine for a few hours it will be comfortable enough to wash the funk from your body. Keeping yourself clean will prevent issues like rash, athlete’s foot, and infection if you accidently cut yourself in the performance of being a BAD ASS. Keep yourself clean you never know if you’re going to wander on a farm like on AMC’s the Walking Dead and meet the single farmer’s daughter. I would assume your chances for love and romance will go into the toilet if you smell like one when you show up to save the day.


  1. Junk Trunk says:

    Nice, like women don’t complicate a regular life enough…dating during this will suck.

  2. thelittlezombiewhocould says:

    That’s the part (well, one of the parts) of the ZA that I am so not looking forward to! It’s also one of the parts of TWD that kind of gives me a problem. Lori’s hair? Always perfect(ish). The ladies always at least look somewhat scrubbed. And does anyone else ever think of the fact that unless she’s had laser hair removal or some such treatment, things are getting a bit hairy for Lori with those tank tops.

    I can’t be the only person who ever thinks about stuff like that while I’m watching the show, right?

    • I totally agree, also the blood spatter on the face and hands after a fight. They will sit for several hours after….. kissing each other, and hugging with ZOMBIE blood all around the mouth….That bugs me to no end. Rick was chewing ass at the end of the episode almost 20 hours after battle and still had blood on his face with a lake next to them……..AHHHHHHHHHHH!

      • thelittlezombiewhocould says:

        I know! I mean, I know water is kinda scarce these days but really, wash off in the creek or something! Anything!

  3. BUCKY says:

    Nothing like a funky mess to turn someone on eh? Musky

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