Day 34

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Zombie Days
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In my opinion perhaps we need the ZOMBIE Apocalypse to thin the “stupid” herd a little. When the chips are down and you are prepared, and can actually function to make it through the outbreak this exhibits a sense of competence, and resourcefulness. This will extinguish all the lazy typically confused humans, and allow for a blank slate of go getters. Trust me when everything calms down, and you choose to go to the local grocery store to use the self-checkout you can bet your boots if they made it through the ZOMBIE Apocalypse they can scan a dozen items with minimal delay or assistance.  This to me will allow the human race to better itself using the old “Natural Selection” rule of thumb.


  1. socal says:

    I feel you bro hate the confused people in the self checkout.

  2. BUCK says:

    Need to make people test before they use the self check out

  3. Reblogged this on Just Stuff that interests me and commented:
    The gene pool has gotten filthy, it definitely needs a good cleaning and a ZA would certainly take care of that for us!

  4. Or just stop welfare…okay now I’m being ridiculous…sooner be a Zombie apocalypse

  5. BUCKY says:

    Need to have tests for the checkout, if you pass you can use one, if not you will be stuck in a line.

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