Day 33

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Zombie Days
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 I know who will be my apocalypse MVP as I have a friend who is Canadian (I try not to hold that against him) but usually give him a pass because I love hockey and great beer.  Everybody I know calls him Priest.  I heard a rumor he was in the priesthood at one time but due to the temptations of women, beer and natural remedies he became a common man to lead his personal crusade through life. I believe he would have been one of the great religious leaders of our time due to his infinite analogies on how life is and how people should conduct themselves. This man fine tunes his tactical skills almost 24/7 spending countless hours playing SOCOM on his PS3 and leading all that will listen to victory. Allow me to give you an example why he is so special……when you put a shotgun in this masters hands and place him in the Canadian wetlands he is truly magical. I have heard people refer to him as the Goose whisper. If you are allowed a 10 bird limit a day and have the opportunity to go out hunting with him at the crack of dawn, you will absolutely hit your limit before McDonalds can even switch to the lunch menu. I would consider him an asset within my survival clan due to his ability to put birds in the oven, and his calm, cool, collective style of leadership. I know that I will need to spend some time with him showing him what a hand gun looks like and how it operates, because in Canada they frown upon such a brutal close range tools of efficiency. Remember if you ever fall upon hard times always go to the Priest, he will guide you to salvation.


  1. The Dome Hunter says:

    “My name is Cali and I can fit both your nuts in
    My Mouth”

  2. Domie if it makes you feel better I would also include you in my clan as my number 2 guy and a shot gun specialist, you are not allowed any grenades when I am around you. You seem to be a little haphazard with them.

  3. thelittlezombiewhocould says:

    Sounds like a good guy to have on your side in the ZA!

  4. Mo says:

    Goose whisper, love it.

  5. MERMAID says:

    He is one dude I want leading me through Canada’s back woods during the zombie apocalypse!

  6. socal says:


  7. Boos Hoggs Dog says:

    As long as he can heep his preaching to himself and can shoot, I will work with that..

  8. Chew Cue & Brew says:

    Canadians can have guns?

  9. BUCKY says:

    God Bless the Red and White, and hockey, and beer, and hockey, and beer.

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