Day 32

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Zombie Days
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Intimacy during the apocalypse will be very important, it is the true life blood of your existence you can only be close to one, and have complete trust. I am talking about your gun people, this is not some sensitive love story. If you have a couple weapons that you really like using, and are comfortable with hold on to them like your life depends on it. I have 3 weapons that I consider an extension of my body, I know exactly how they will react in any condition. If you keep changing weapons all the time you will never get comfortable with one, and failure is certain. While you still have time build a relationship with one of your weapons please take the time to do so, know exactly how fast you can reload her, and if she hits the target a little to the left. This will defiantly increase your survival odds. Also get comfortable with a standard caliber, when you’re scrounging for ammo you need to use something that is common.


  1. socal says:

    Love Gun….think that’s a KISS album. Keep you gun close she will never leave you.

  2. Boss Hoggs Dog says:

    I have a close relationship with my 9mm, she keeps me warm and cozy.

  3. thedeadbooks says:

    Right on, right on, right on!

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