Day 31

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Zombie Days
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Drop a few ZOMBIE’S in a undesirable Country, and just contain and clean up the mess after. Nuke it and start with fresh level ground. This will be the best way possible to take care of business, and come out looking like a hero. The radiation exposure to all the land East of the explosion will just be collateral damage to the greater good of what is accomplished. Using ZOMBIES as a military asset will push your Country to the top of the “Don’t mess with us’” list. If they are deployed covertly you can place a flag on the ground with minimal resistance and clam the land and resources of the unfortunate suckers as your own. I will guess that you only need about 40 years or so to start growing safe crops, but if they have oil available it will be a huge cash generator. Not only will you have the fuel, but think how much you charge for super charged radiation saturated gasoline.


  1. socalsurfer says:

    Great idea…I can think of about a bakers dozen of places that need to be parking lots.

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