Day 30

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Zombie Days
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Will you choose a gas or diesel vehicle when the apocalypse hits? In my opinion you need to find a middle ground vehicle that runs on gasoline just for its overwhelming availability everywhere. I suggest a full blown 4X4 slightly lifted, with a plow on the front, this will allow you to remove objects (ZOMBIES) when at a nice cruising speed going through neighborhoods, scrounging for resources. You will want to make sure that you have the airbags removed or off, because you will be bumping into objects and no need to get blasted with a bag, when in a hurry to make decisions and evasive maneuvers.  Nothing clouds the judgment more than a large explosion followed up by a smack to the head. I will personally have a F250 with heated and air-conditioned seats, fully loaded and a Detroit Lions logo on the back window.


  1. nzfilmfreak says:

    Way cool! Enjoying the blog.

    Thanks for subscribing.


  2. Chew Cue & Brew says:

    Love the picture of W

  3. For ease of repair consider older vehicles (pre-chip days)…also though fuel will be readily available, access to fuel, in today’s modern gas station may be tricky, if possible should familiarize yerself with a local stations operations

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