Day 29

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Zombie Days
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 Do you think it will be possible to train ZOMBIES like homing carrier pigeons? What a green form of transportation of goods medicine and food from one location to another. You can start with small items like a box of ammo or even some medicine, and then move up to large items like a 5 gallon can of fuel. I would suggest that you mark your ZOMBIE carrier with some bright spray paint, or even glow sticks so that you can track him among the sea of walking flesh eaters. I might even consider a bright colored vest for your ZOMBIE with a patch that says “Please Don’t Shoot Me ZOMBIE at Work”. This will give people a opportunity to spare the useful ZOMBIES when cleaning up the streets. I suggest that you start working with pigeons now so that you will have a jump on training ZOMBIES in the future.


  1. socal says:

    I race pigeons and think its a great idea..

  2. thinkingahead says:

    I think that this year dec 21,2012 is when the real zombies will be around us! Its not to late my cabin is now filled with 200 cases of water and i HAVE A STOCK PILE OF GUNS AND AMMO. i HAVE ALSO BEEN BUYING MEALS READY TO EAT (THESE ARE MEAL THAT YOU CAN JUST ADD WATER TO) i AM PREPARED! There is still time people. I think things will get hairy. Then in May of 2013 things will get back not to normal but back to the knew normal! Time is running out on those of you that don’t get a stock pile.

  3. chyrampsc says:

    This is an awesome idea, one which I would like to expand upon and consider using. If so I’ll be giving credit and reference to your posting for the original idea!

  4. […] concrete scientific data as to why Zees are so strong, even when they aren’t always super fast. Some genius, one who must have been half mad at the time, thought of the idea of Zee pack mules. But how does […]

  5. BUCK says:

    Just like the walking deal armless chained walkers…..

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