Day 25

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Zombie Days
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When the apocalypse hits what will be the most valuable commodity?  Some say Gold, or maybe Silver, I say Lead….. Hot Lead and plenty of it. You can stash all the paper money you want, but when things go south and ZOMBIES are everywhere you will need hot brass, and lead to get the job done. Using the barter system works great especially when you have the business end of a .357 in the mouth of the individual you are trying to convince that you need his gear more than he does. Nobody wants a pain nugget in the head, so in my opinion buy ammo not precious metals in the long run it will work out better for you. Just remember ammo is heavy so get the most effective rounds for your weapon that you can, no need to haul around junk ammo when the cards are on the table.




  1. klcesarz says:

    Not pain nuggets – chicken mcNuggets

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