Day 24

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Zombie Days

Could the ZOMBIE apocalypse end our dependency on fossil fuel? Just think a ZOMBIE footprint might be the end to our carbon footprint. After we get society in order, thin the heard and organize, I believe we can use ZOMBIES to our advantage. The way we are currently trying to squeeze a few kw of power from a wind mill is grossly inefficient when you calculate cost and maintenance.  If we secure a heard of ZOMBIES to power generating tread mills, and hang a nice juicy hunk of meat in the front with a person taunting them they will go forever. We might evolve to the point that each new home has its own ZOMBIE power generation facility, obviously it will need to be heavily secured. The power source will be endless, you will only need to swap out a few ZOMBIES when the parts fall off, but that will be easy and free.



  1. junk trunk says:

    Power up buddy….keep the zombies fresh and you will have juice to power a rave….bump bump…do a little dance make a little love..get down tonight….

  2. Mo says:

    Fight the power

  3. socal says:

    Fight the power buddy, or keep it contained, I love it please keep it up.

  4. Hmm! How about a large decorative “chariot” pulled through the wasteland with my thirty Zombie team…Hi’ya! Get a long there Hi’Ya

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