Day 23

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Zombie Days

 You need to get off your rear and aquire basic certifications while you still have time. I am a huge fan of the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I recommend that you spend your free time doing something constructive so that it benefits you when the apocalypse hits. In my opinion at a minimum you should be certified in the following, Basic First Aid, Scuba diving, Repelling, also you need to get a CDL, know how to drive a motorcycle, and if you can’t drive a stick you need consider yourself a buffet for the ZOMBIES because you’re going to get munched. Having this basic knowledge will greatly enhance your chances for survival for when it’s game time. Driving a semi-truck is fun especially when you are moving ZOMBIES with the front of one at 55 MPH.


  1. socal says:

    I have been certified crazy….and a believer. PREPPER IS THE NEW COOL.

  2. There is a fantastic book called “How Things Work”…the most important book in the coming apocalypse…

  3. larkwri says:

    A motorcycle? Just brings fuel problems and attracts zombies as well as looters. Better: a bike.
    No zombie can use it, you are fast and soundless.

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