Day 22

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Zombie Days

Let’s say several ZOMBIES have had a feast on some people bunkered down in a subpar situation. They were smoking, running a generator, drinking and making a good amount of noise. In my opinion after the apocalypse is that the law of Un-Natural selection will apply. In some cases allowing people to become the soft target will benefit your chances of making it through the hard times, especially if they divert the attention away from you. I would personally be willing to allow any survivor an opportunity, but if they put my clan at risk they will be dealt with accordingly. Establish early a basic set of survival rules for your group, if any member that risks the safety of your group vote him out just like the show SURVIVOR.


  1. Mo says:

    As long as (Survivor) Coach is not around me…..

  2. socal says:

    Get Russell out as soon as you can..

  3. How bad is this person yer cuttin’ loose…if he’s just a f-tard always makin noise at the worst time, falling down at the wrong moment in the middle of being pursued by a opack of Zombies, 400 lbs heavy breather who won’t give up the twinkies…yea cut him loose, if instead he is the guy always stealin food, pullin his gun on fellow group members, bein a creeper to the female members, ranting about how God (or any group/race etc) is responsible fer the apocalypse…this individual needs to be dealt with severely, hamstring and leave in a heavily trafficked Zombie area,or if group members can handle it, put him down yerself…This is a new time, no time fer weakness, like the game show survivor…for real, for keeps

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