Day 18

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Zombie Days

When the apocalypse hits and everything goes to hell my question is will radical extremists declare Jihad on the ZOMBIES? Do you think they will expend time, energy and focus on suicide bombs for large gatherings of ZOMBIES to try to create a radical Muslim State in the world? I would assume all of that will take a back seat to survival. I am also curious if a radical happens to die while killing ZOMBIES will they get bonus virgins, or none at all because a ZOMBIE had no comprehension of religious affiliation or even wrong doing? The unfortunate thing is ZOMBIES just react to primal needs and urges for warm flesh. I think this might make most rethink self-sacrifice if there is a possibility they might not actually receive the retirement benefits they assumed would be there.  Blowing up ZOMBIES is essentially no different than blowing up trees if you’re a radical.


  1. ZedWord says:

    The inclusion of zombies into real-world geopolitics could go a lot of interesting ways. Extremists around the world could be toppled by a zombie epidemic, but guerrilla extremists in the Middle East could have a much easier time coping with zombies (presuming we’re all talking about the slow-moving Romero type). Middle Eastern extremists are used to buckling down for a long haul of protracted hostility, so they could beat back the zombies as much as they need to in order to maintain their lifestyles and further their goals. Their ideology thrives on chaos, so a zombie epidemic might help them more than hurt them. I think it’s more likely, however, that terrorists would use zombies as weapons of terror against others than wage a war on zombies. Beating zombies doesn’t help them accomplish anything except survival.

  2. socal says:

    Bang it out. Duck Dodge dive dodge duck.

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