Day 17

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Zombie Days

Warm weather locations will probably work out best for long-term survival. To try to face a cold east coast winter will raise the suck factor to a level that most can’t handle. If it is cold and a huge snow storm rolls in you will need to find a source of heat that means burning wood, or running a generator. That causes noise and will show an obvious smoke trail from the exhaust. Try not to allow a direct line to the lunch buffet (you). If you can stick it out up north for the winters you will have the ability to track movements through the snow and detect heavy ZOMBIE traffic patterns. Please use caution moving through deep snow because you might get nipped on the legs from a lurking ZOMBIE. Try to be careful driving because if you slide into a ditch you might die from exposure rather a ZOMBIE attack. If you have the equipment feel free to stick it out, but I am heading for the beach….


  1. socal says:

    Key west has many islands to chill out on.

  2. Thanks for liking my Zombie sketch!

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