Day 16

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Zombie Days

Don’t attract attention to your location, let’s say you find yourself on the rooftop of a gun store and decide to do a little target practice and thin the ZOMBIE heard. Sure this might be a He Haw good time busting heads with a 1000 rounds and getting some payback for all the dysfunction they have caused. This will not only cause a horrible stench in your area with rotting corpses, but will attract ZOMBIES from miles around due to the shots. Be cool, lay low and run your operation quiet as a church mouse. This will allow you to possibly move to close locations for resources and to scout out exit routes if things fall apart where you have set up shop.


  1. Patty Guns says:

    Hello, I’m wondering about the type of medicine we should have. I was told that Echinacea is a good herb that the Native Americans use. Are you familiar with this I’m curious about your thoughts.

  2. What would your suggestion be on the type of guns and ammo to carry since ammo is expensive and heavy. I thought I read before about wrapping the guns and ammo up and then bury them in a barrel in the ground for later use.

  3. woodyzipper says:

    Would target practice with a bow work? I would imagine that a headshot with a broadhead arrow would do the same as a bullet, albeit more expensive. But at least it’s silent.

  4. ZS-right on in this post, not just the noise but the cost in materials. Anyone in your group who refuses is destined to ’cause trouble in the future and should be cut loose to fend for themselves-PG, after water and weapons, meds would be my next step, but serious meds, get a book on herbs for when the real meds run out..oh and M.S. is right, caching of a wide variety of materials is a very wise idea.
    Have hiked for months in the Sierra Nevada’s using that technique

  5. larkwri says:

    a shield would be ideal:
    keeps zombies and zombie blood away while cracking their heads with heavy strokes.

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