Day 13

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Zombie Days

Gangsta ZOMBIES are twice as scary as normal ZOMBIES….The gangbangers are already prone to violence, I can only imagine the level of violence that would take place if a gangsta got infected. I would imagine that the Bloods Gang would survive 2-1 over the Crips because of the obvious advantage with wardrobe camouflage. Let’s just hope that most still have the saggy drawers that restrict movement. Nothing says I love prison or getting bit by a ZOMBIE like a pair of pants that restrict your movement. Please do not consider fashion when trying to survive, you need to wear what is practical and allows you the best advantage. Keep your hair short and straps on your backpack trimmed or tucked a quick snag could be the difference between eating your rations or, craving human flesh……..Always have a pair of pants that fit.


  1. Junk Trunk says:

    Gangsta Zombies…Woot Woot

  2. woodyzipper says:

    The gold and other bling is also reflective at night, not to mention noisy, keeping them visible as you make your escape. However, your escape vehicle should probably not have expensive, flashy rims, or the innate nature of the gangsta zombie might be attracted to your vehicle.

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