Day 12

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Zombie Days

Bust out the SHOTTY and let’s make them leak baby…..I am a huge fan of the shotgun, this weapon packs a punch and has many uses in the field. You can bust doors, bust heads, windows… I recommend a pump shotgun I have had several autoloading SHOTTYS, and have had issues with jamming of the weapon. If a weapon jams once it is proven  unreliable in the field. When you point and click you want a bang when you need it. The feel of the shotgun is awesome kicks almost perfectly for the size of round and range, and you will always have an abundance of ammo available. When using a SHOTTY fighting ZOMBIES you can be in a stressed situation and not have to be surgical with shot placement you can just kind of get it in that direction squeeze the trigger and…… splat!…your moving on to the next  safe area.


  1. Junk Trunk says:

    Nice art work I see the shotgun, I want that. I found your blog and think its cool keep the info coming.

  2. Shawn says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you know of an actual Zombie attack of some sort is going to happen. I have noticed that there is starting to be sort of a Zombie craze going on. I know that sometimes the government leaks info and is this a possible leak. I want to plan to be safe. What suggestions do you have for food and stuff? I don’t like MRE’s I tried them camping and they taste like donkey poop!

  3. Shawn,

    You can get many meals that only require bioling water from REI, or Cabella’s, or even Gander Mountain. These meals are great, many calories for when you are covering ground. I tried the MRE’s they are ok, but I feel they are heavy for the quality.

  4. W.O.A.Z.E says:

    Hi Shawn, Planning to be safe for any event is something everyone should do regardless of what that event is. Always think of the essentials of what your body needs to fuel, such as water and food that provides good calories, not empty ones. You should have several gallons of bottled water and some canned goods. Then you need to think about protection and your ability to communicate or stay posted. Lowe’s and Home Depot carry an emergency radio that operates not only on electricity and battery but on solar as well and you can charge your cell phone. Good Start!

  5. Come on Shawn I bet you know exactly what a (Ham) radio is. Just google it, I will do more on this subject later.

  6. Lol…Also nice thing about shotgun is the kick back to the target, in close range when you really need it…it can be a real room cleaner…um…so to speak lol.

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