Day 8

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Zombie Days

Would a Sam’s Club be a good place to sit back and let the ZOMBIE dust settle? I would like to say yes, but you will have several things to cconsider. You will have resources for several years, and the structure is like a classic castle, all you need is a moat. The front entrance would be easy enough to secure, and the loading docks are built for security. The biggest problem I believe will be other survivors looking for supplies and the Military commandeering things. Next thing you know you may have 50 people hanging out and a raised level of stupidity in the group. So you really need to weigh your options before you commit to a location for several days or even months.


  1. larkwri says:

    That’s the question.
    What is worse: zombies or humans?
    – have dangerous weapons
    – blow off your head if you have signs of being infected
    – much rivalry, can lead to the lost of your head or may you live in a slum
    – attract zombie masses
    – may are religious fanatics

    – try to eat you
    – try to “convert” you (but hey hanging stupidly around is much better as being a slave of fanatism)
    – stink
    – eat your pets
    – sneak around
    but they have a unbeatable advantage:
    if you find a way to control the zombie pathogen you have a super human powers and nice neighbours (they don’t cannibalize)

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