Day 5

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Zombie Days

 I was just thinking,if you were to eat a huge Ham & Cheese sandwich, and wash it down with about 4 fingers of Bourbon ….life is pretty good at this point. Say you walk outside put your shades on and are walking down to the local park to chill out for a few, then all of a sudden a ZOMBIE stumbles out from a corner and bites your hand, you get away but notice he is a Muslim.

Now the question is with him biting you will this cause some friction with the 72 virgin deal he signed up for? I live near one of the highest concentration of Muslims in the U.S.


  1. Mansoor says:

    question is, since he is tasted ham and Booze indirectly, is he still eligible for All 72 promised Virgins?
    if he is still eligible, when is he going to have 72 virgins
    – after blowing up himself
    – at pearly gates
    Zombie Fan

  2. Junk Trunk says:

    I think this will help with that area but What do you do if it bites you and he looks like a Catholic?

  3. Lifér says:

    Now that’s funny.

  4. This is a very complex question involving matters of the soul and the afterlife. If say, a Muslim is bitten, and dies…okay well lets change it to as Christian ’cause i got enough trouble what with my own posts, but say a Christian is bitten (and we’re assuming of course that heaven is real and in relation somehow[beyond our knowing] to all the current subjects belief systems concurrently) Once they have passed and come back as a zombie, is the soul free or is it still there trapped somehow? I’m not current enough on zombie culture to know if this question has been answered already…secondarily and if the soul is trapped, then, are the acts of the said individual in the grips of, or suffering the hellish nightmare of zombification of their mortal flesh, held against them in the great judgement?
    I believe though you’re question really revolves around the idea of increasing your immediate survival odds by eating more pork and drinking more alcohol, and I believe from all the evidence we have seen to this point, and given the (rough admittedly)census of yer local population that this theory is sound, and should be put into practice balanced of course with your fitness regimen

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