Day 3

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Zombie Days

Are You Ready? How prepared are you if something were to go down today? Do you have enough food, ammo, and do you have an exit strategy? Do you know several alternate routes to a family safe area? Most people here in Michigan automatically say im heading up North if anything goes down…If your family has a cabin it might be a great place to drink beer on the 4th of July and blast Bambie during hunting season, but can you set a strong perimeter without attracting attention? Will it hold up if multiple waves of ZOMBIE’S head your way? Do yourself a favor conduct mental inventory of all your gear and supply’s once a week, pick things up slowly as you can afford them. Have items ready in a “Go Bag” for a fast exit. Any second this could happen be ready.

Over Plan, Be Prepared and Always Go with the Flow…

  1. DaMan says:

    Some survivalists also follow the Rule of 3. Have 3 wasy to get out, 3 ways to your hide out, 3 kinds of ammo, 3 sources of water, 3 sources of food, etc.

  2. Northern Michigan, in February? Being an ex-homeless rambler & hiking enthusiast, I believe I’ll head south…Or did some global warming catastrophe precipitate this ZA?

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