Day 2

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Zombie Days

Weapons are going to be key to your survival, and the advancement of the human race. Some experts say to use knives or a machete because you don’t need to reload them, I strongly disagree.  Using sharp instruments should only be in a worst case scenario, distance is a huge advantage. In my opinion you need to have 3 firearms at your disposal.  A 30.06 with a good scope will do the trick if you want to reach out and touch a ZOMBIE, a 12 gauge shotty pump will work for busting doors and ZOMBIES and medium range, and I strongly recommend 00 Buck ammo. And always a trustee .40 caliber hand gun,  I feel that the 9mm round is small and the .45 is hard to control. With the 3 weapons I have mentioned you should have access to ammo at any general store nationwide. An assault rifle is a great alternative, if you choose that route please make sure that you have one that uses .762 ammo, that is the universal round you will find everywhere and can scrounge from any military outpost that has been over run.

Be Aware, Focus…Aim Small Miss Small

  1. Hey thanks fer stopping by my and sayin hi-I always like when the individuals who clicked “like” on my posts actually have posts I can read and enjoy in return-I agree that finding ammo in America will be about as difficult as finding canned food (though of course ammo will become scarcer faster) I also like yer gun choice, are you considering the Mossburg line for shotgun of choice, I like a pistol grip due to it’s advantage in tight quarters such as shopping aisles or hallways of abandoned farmhouses

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