Day 1

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Zombie Days

 The best way possible to get around your wife complaining to you about buying ammo when grocery shopping at Meijers is to let her know that it’s for the apocalypse and that she will thank you later when you need that extra 00 Buck to save her ass. I love hiking and camping, not car camping, but haul your ass in the middle of the woods or desert and chill without access to phones, and society. This has helped me prepare for when the day comes, I watch all the survival shows available, granted im not going to drink my own pee, or suck the moisture from camel dung like Bear….…I would almost rather be a ZOMBIE than suck a chunk of poo, but with my basic equipment I feel I can stick and move through the issues that might arise. I will explore the aspects of survival, and the mental state of humans and ZOMBIES in the future I would like to welcome you to my BLOG and hope you can take but a small chunk of this to survive, you never know maybe one day you will be backing me up.

  1. klcesarz says:

    I always justify everything in terms of preparation for the zombie apocalypse. 30 gallon tub of peanut butter – zombies don’t eat Jiff!

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